Investing in real estate on Lake Garda can be an attractive choice for several reasons.

With visitors from all over the world, Lake Garda is one of Italy’s top tourist destinations. This means a Lake Garda property can generate great holiday rental income.

Here are a few very interesting facts to help you start thinking about investing in property.

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Easily accessible.

Lake Garda can be reached quickly by car, train or plane (Verona airport).

Perfect for couples, families and retirees.

Walks, amusement parks, water sports, fishing, culture, history, wine and food excursions, spas… in short, an ideal destination for both couples and families, younger and older.

High standard of living

Retire in Lake Garda with a higher standard of living than back home, enjoying around 300 days of sunshine a year on a magnificent and huge freshwater lake.

Experience Lake Garda like never before. Increase your quality of life in a stunning location.


Before investing in Lake Garda

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Lake Garda's real estate market

Key elements

A safe-haven asset

Real estate in the Brescia Garda area is considered a safe haven, meaning it preserves and increases its value over time, even during periods of inflation or crisis.

Tourism on the rise

The Brescia Garda area saw a record number of tourists in 2022 with nearly 8 million overnight stays, which is 1.5% more than in 2019, the year before the pandemic (source: Giornale di Brescia).

A favourite of Central Europeans

About 80 percent of tourists come from Central Europe: Germany (63.1%), followed by the Netherlands (15.8%), Austria (7.3%), Denmark (5.2%), and Switzerland (3.5%). (Source: Verona Chamber of Commerce)

5-star facility investments

Growing investments in the hospitality market as tourist flows continue to rise. Five new 5-star hotels will open on Lake Garda in the coming months, in addition to the eleven already there (source: Giornale di Brescia)

Food service industry +11%

Confirmed by Maria Sole Broglia, board member of the Garda Lombardia Consortium. More than half of foreign guests visit a farm, twice as many as pre-Covid (source: Giornale di Brescia).

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